New Hope for Fibromyalgia
Sadly, Fibromyalgia is a disease that has been misunderstood for years. Often people who have had this disease have suffered in silence. It is a disease that is hard to diagnose and treat, but having worked on many fibromyalgia patients over the years, I know that their pain is real, and solutions have been slow in coming.

Recently, I was at a CBD conference, and the doctor said, that he believes Fibromyalgia is an Endocannabinoid deficiency. This is a huge revelation, as we now can TREAT this deficiency with Full Spectrum CBD. My first thought was, all these people who have suffered in silence or without much validation or support, can now have HOPE and RELIEF!

How could CBD help this issue? CBD helps our body to achieve homeostasis. Fibromyalgia effects two areas of our bodies. Our nerves and Inflammation/immune system. This is amazing news, but also dependent on finding the right CBD. One thing I’ve learned is that people are willing to invest in CBD, but this is a whole new industry, and there is a wide variety of products on the market. Upwards of 60% of CBD sold doesn’t actually contain CBD! This industry is growing at a rate where there are few regulations to monitor or claims made by manufacturers, that is why it is critical to look for a SKU that can be scanned for quality assurance, and the US HEMP certification seal.

Education and guidance save sufferers from trial and error, and helps gain desired results. Guidelines for finding the right product, are as follows.

FULL SPECTRUM CBD is Always what you want. Full-spectrum CBD offers more cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc. and offers a product that touches the CBD1 receptors (the one that sends nerve/pain signals ) and CBD2 helps our inflammation/immune system.

ORGANIC- Hemp should ONLY be sourced in organic soil as it is a plant that absorbs much from the soil, and you always want full spectrum meaning using the entire hemp plant.

Know how CBD was sourced. I use a product that is water-soluble, uses CO2 extraction, and absorbs between 83 to 94 percent into our body for 12 hours, and has scientific studies to prove it. Many CBD products are sourced using alcohol, or are oil-based. Oil-based tinctures absorb only 3 to 8 percent. So no matter what the milligrams (many companies stress and charge for milligrams, but if it is oil-based, keep in mind that you’ll only be absorbing between 3 to 8 percent of it.

Tinctures are best for immediate pain relief because they are absorbed under the tongue, allowing it to go directly into your system, and if water-soluble, it will stay in your system for up to 12 hrs.

The CBD industry is predicted to grow to 22 Billion by 2020. The market is flooded with new products. The learning curve is high to pick quality, so seek advice or look for US Hemp Certification and always Organic. If pain relief is what you seek, discretionary buying will serve you well. There are amazing products, and a world of hope is now available for so many chronic sufferers to live with less pain and have a live a more full and thriving life.

Please feel free to email Jessica to ask questions or get clarity—