As our population ages, stress and physical limitations can be immensely benefited by therapeutic massage. Speaking specifically to our senior population, massage is a non-invasive way to help ease symptoms of many age-related illnesses, helping ease pain and improve their quality of life. As the elderly find themselves increasingly isolated, the time, attention, and compassion offered to an elderly client is what makes massage a straightforward solution with both mental and physical benefits.

Massage helps increase range of motion, helps with stress and insomnia, improves circulation (good for diabetic client) and blood pressure, helps improve balance, reduces muscle tension (Parkinson’s) and eases symptoms of depression and promotes relaxation and improves insomnia. Above and beyond these advantages is simply the pure power of touch that is essential for all of us, but specifically is helpful to our aging demographic because they find themselves many times without normal human interaction and connection many of us receive due to the business of the world we live in. The elderly many times are left without a spouse or family who are able to visit, and massage fills this gap with an alternative therapy that helps the heart and heals the soul.

It is important to seek out a therapist that is knowledgeable about limitations and is trained in geriatric massage as knowledge about certain illnesses such as Parkinson’s and diabetes is important.

The caring, comfort and connection that clients feel from having an hour or even a half-hour of a devoted one on one time simply should not be underestimated. It is a vital step in helping our body, mind, and spirit stay balanced.

Jessica Fascilla Funcheon, LMT